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Friday 8th October 2021, 7.30pm & Saturday 9th October 2021, 1.00pm & 7.30pm

Riverside Theatre, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

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John Williams

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Nicholas Buc conductor

Feature Film with Orchestra

This performance will run for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes including a 25 minute interval.

Presentation licensed by Disney Concerts in association with 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm Ltd., and Warner/Chappell Music. All rights reserved.

Star Wars Film Concert Series

Star Wars Film Concert Series

Star Wars Film Concert Series Production Credits

WASO On Stage

Riley Skevington

Assoc Concertmaster

Semra Lee-Smith
Assistant Concertmaster

Zak Rowntree*

Principal 2nd Violin

Kylie Liang

Assoc Principal 2nd Violin

Stephanie Dean
Amy Furfaro^
Rebecca Glorie
Will Huxtable^
Alexandra Isted
Jane Johnston^
Sunmi Jung
Christina Katsimbardis
Ellie Lawrence
Andrea Mendham^
Jasmine Middleton^
Akiko Miyazawa
Lucas O’Brien
Melanie Pearn
Ken Peeler
Louise Sandercock
Jolanta Schenk
Jane Serrangeli
Bao Di Tang
Cerys Tooby
Teresa Vinci^
Susannah Williams^

Daniel Schmitt
Alex Brogan

Nik Babic
George Batey^
Benjamin Caddy
Alison Hall
Rachael Kirk
Elliot O’Brien
Kathy Potter^
Helen Tuckey

Rod McGrath
• Tokyo Gas
Eve Silver*

Shigeru Komatsu
Oliver McAslan
Sasha McCulloch^
Nicholas Metcalfe
Fotis Skordas
Tim South

Andrew Sinclair*
John Keene

Libby Browning^
Sarah Clare^
Christine Reitzenstein
Mark Tooby

Andrew Nicholson
• Anonymous
Michael Howell^

Michael Waye
• Pamela & Josh Pitt

Liz Chee

A/Principal Oboe
Stephanie Nicholls^

Leanne Glover
• Sam and Leanne Walsh

Allan Meyer
Lorna Cook

Alexander Millier

Jane Kircher-Lindner
Adam Mikulicz

Chloe Turner
• Stelios Jewellers

★ Margaret & Rod Marston
David Evans
Robert Gladstones
Principal 3rd Horn

Julia Brooke
Doree Dixon^
Renée Kennedy^
Julian Leslie^
Francesco Lo Surdo

Brent Grapes
• Anonymous
Jenna Smith
Zoe McGivern^
Peter Miller

Joshua Davis
• Dr Ken Evans AM & Dr
Glenda Campbell-Evans
Liam O’Malley
Matt Walker^

Philip Holdsworth

Cameron Brook
• Peter & Jean Stokes

Alex Timcke

Brian Maloney
Francois Combemorel

Assoc Principal Percussion
& Timpani

Robyn Gray^
Tegan LeBrun^
Paul Tanner^

Will Nichols^

Graeme Gilling^
Adam Pinto^


Associate Principal
Assistant Principal
Guest Musicians^

★ Section partnered by
• Chair partnered by
* Instruments used by these musicians are on loan from Janet Holmes à Court AC.

About the Artists

About the Music

More About the Music

Character Motifs

The music of Star Wars is full of leitmotifs, or as they are more commonly known, 'motifs'.

A leitmotif (or leitmotiv) is a short musical phrase that is paired with a specific character, location or thematic idea that is reemployed throughout a piece. The theme is consistently used so the listener can recognize the musical phrase and connect the action of the opera or movie with the music. So what motifs can you expect to hear in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi?

Firstly, we encounter the well-known Imperial March. Inspired by Chopin’s funeral march and Holst’s Martian music, this familiar phrase signals Darth Vader and the Empire's arrival on the scene, harking all the way back to A New Hope.

The Imperial March

We also get all new motifs in Return of the Jedi.

Jabba the Hut

Jabba the Hut’s theme is very threatening and uses the deep tones of the tuba to create a rounder, fatter sound, representing the slimy intergalactic gangster perfectly.

Jabba the Hutt's Theme

The Emperor

Return of the Jedi marks the first appearance of The Emperor. John Williams conjures pure evil through the use of a dark, almost Gregorian chant that shares similar undertones with that of Darth Vader as they look to bring Luke over to the dark side.

The Emperor's Theme

Luke & Leia

In 2019 John Williams revealed that prior to writing the score for Return of the Jedi he had composed a love theme for Princess Leia to be played during all of her interactions with Luke Skywalker. He assumed that due to their previous interactions being extremely positive, fun and adventurous that Luke and Leia would eventually fall in love. This then all had to be re-written as writer George Lucas revealed to Williams that Luke and Leia were indeed brother and sister meaning all new themes had to be written for the various relationship which were to come into focus over time.

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra perform Luke & Leia's Theme


Finally, we get everyone's favourite - the Ewoks! With influences from Sergei Prokofiev’s The Love for Three Oranges, Williams introduces a melody which is not only charming, but has a strong sense of nobility in the fourth major theme in the film.

Parade of the Ewoks

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