Romeo & Juliet with Paul Rissmann

UWA & WASO Side-by-Side

Wed 29 May, 6:00pm

Perth Concert Hall

West Australian Symphony Orchestra respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and Elders of Country throughout Western Australia, and the Whadjuk Noongar people on whose lands we work and share music.

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UWA & WASO Side-by-Side

Romeo & Juliet with Paul Rissmann

Sergei PROKOFIEV Romeo and Juliet – Suite No.1 - 3 (Excerpts)
The Montagues and Capulets
Morning Dance
Creative Ensemble – The Nurse
Juliet – The Young Girl
Creative Ensemble – Antagonism (Tybalt sees Romeo)
Romeo and Juliet
Creative Ensemble – Friar Lawrence
Creative Ensemble – Parting
The Death of Tybalt
Creative Ensemble – Premonition of Death
Morning Serenade (Aubade)
Creative Ensemble – The Crypt
Romeo at Juliet’s Grave
Creative Ensemble
– Juliet’s Tears
The Death of Juliet

Paul Rissmann director
Jen Winley conductor

UWA is the Tertiary Education Partner of WASO.

Creative Ensemble

UWA & WASO On Stage

Semra Lee (WASO Asst. Concertmaster)
Arwen Ooi
(UWA Concertmaster)
Alexandra Isted (WASO Principal 1st Violin)
Kate Sullivan (WASO Asst. Principal 2nd Violin)
Seth Chong

Alice Clark
Anika Collins

Amy Furfaro
Beth Hebert
Audrey Ho

Emma Hunt
William Huxtable
Jane Johnston
Sunmi Jung
Joonwoo Kim
Siobhan Makinson
Andrea Mendham
•Dale & Michael Kitney
Akiko Miyazawa
Monica Rallabhandi
Gretel Smith

Cerys Tooby
Teresa Vinci
Elouise Watson

Daniel Schmitt (WASO Principal)
Heather Brodie

Benjamin Caddy
• Future Logic
Alison Hall
Rachael Kirk
Elsabe de Klerk
Lucas Tomkins

Helen Tuckey
Gabe Yacopetti

Rod McGrath (WASO Principal)
Lizzy Marsh

Isaac Davis
Angus Gerrard
Lara Hadi

Shigeru Komatsu
• ^Unnamed (2)
Lizzy Marsh

Ryan Popovic

Tim South

John Keene (WASO Assoc. Principal)
•Janet Holmes à Court AC & Gilbert George
Sarah Crawford
Christine Reitzenstein
Josh Spirek
Lily Turbill
Giovanni Vinci

Andrew Nicholson (WASO Principal)
Jessica-Monique Bojanjac
Sophie Royle

Sarah Young (WASO Principal)
Eleanor Jones
Aiden Labuschagne

Allan Meyer (WASO Principal)
•Leanne & Sam Walsh AO
Sophie Allison
Alex Wallace

Jane Kircher-Lindner (WASO Principal)
•Meg O’Neill, Chase Hayes & Vicky Hayes
Bailey Ireland
Sara Mau

Justin Farinosi

Rod & Margaret Marston
David Evans (WASO Principal)
Sophie Alderson
Riley Eakin
Francesco Lo Surdo

Jenna Smith (WASO Acting Principal)
•John & Nita Walshe
Gabby Beal
Grace Reid

Joshua Davis (WASO Principal)
•Dr Glenda Campbell-Evans & Dr Ken Evans AM
Isaac Lim
Ewan Potter

Chloe Higgins (WASO Principal)

Alex Timcke (WASO Principal)
•Jean & Peter Stokes

Brian Maloney (WASO Principal)
Nathan Herbert
Hamish MacDonald

Yi-Yun Loei^
Sophie Vo

Jude Holland


WASO Musician
UWA Musician
Contract Musician°
Guest Musician^

★ Section supported through the Duet program by
• Chair supported through the Duet program by
* Instruments used by these musicians are on loan from Janet Holmes à Court AC.

About the Artists

Interview with Paul Rissmann

Tell us what it’s been like working on a side-by-side creative development with WASO and UWA.

This should really go in the section where you asked about my favourite projects, because I’ve adored working on creative projects with WASO and UWA over the years. I am especially proud of the Petrushka Project we did in 2021.

The creative process involves reducing a massive, complex score to just a handful of key elements. Then, through a series of workshops, use those elements as seeds from which we can grow new material. The participants embark on a creative journey which challenges them to work in a completely different way. This project certainly isn’t like a normal day at Uni or at WASO, and that requires massive amounts of trust. Especially since everything we make has to be memorised and performed unconducted. It’s a bit like the most intense chamber music project imaginable – except that the group have to compose their own music too.

The icing on the cake with these projects is that I get to work with the very brilliant Jen Winley. Jen runs a parallel project where a side-by-side orchestra of UWA and WASO musicians prepare to play our source work. And then, magically our new music gets interwoven with the original score. Somehow, all of that happens in the space of single week.

You’re clearly very passionate about music. Where did your love of music and composing start?

Without a doubt, when I was baby! I was a terrible sleeper and my poor Mum had to sing me to sleep every night. I think from the earliest age I was made aware that we have this incredible capacity to make beautiful sounds.

Sadly, I was starved of music in my primary school so it wasn’t until I started high school that everything fell into place. By an incredible stroke of luck, I ended up going to the most musical state school in Scotland. We were treated to the most brilliant education by three inspirational music teachers. When I get asked about what needs to happen to fix music in schools, I always reply “Just give young people what I experienced growing up in the West of Scotland”. I owe my school teachers everything.

You’ve had such a varied career. What are some of your favourite projects to date?

Gosh, that is a tough one. I’m an all or nothing kind of person, so I fully commit to whatever project I’m involved in and try to make it the best one yet. That is, until the next one starts.

Over the years there have been some milestone that still make me smile today, such as:

  • Performing the UK’s first ever series of full-scale orchestral concerts for the under 5s. Nobody had presented little people with the full symphony orchestra before and certainly not with a tailor-made concert experience and so no one had a clue what would happen. It was a terrifying but magical experience.
  • Working with adults in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction to make a new piece to perform with the London Symphony Orchestra.
  • Hearing an audience of thousands of school children come to life and sing one of my songs.
  • Getting 10,000 people to clap Stravinsky’s motor rhythms from The Rite of Spring in Trafalgar Square.

You’ve worked with orchestras all over the world. What is it about WASO that keeps you coming back?

I feel honoured to be WASO’s Education Artist-In-Residence and I love coming to Perth. I always stay in Scarborough Beach and the drive to PCH is one of my favourite journeys (it beats travelling by tube in London any day). There is an openness and can-do attitude at WASO which is unique, and that motivates me to perform at my best ­– even with jetlag.

Over the years, there have been some fabulous performances of my music with the orchestra, but more than anything, I love WASO’s willingness to try new things. What musician is brave enough to commit to playing a concert when they don’t know what they will be playing? Oh, and they’ll have to compose all the music too. Well, the musicians of WASO are. They are fearless and it’s a privilege to work with them. And it’s not just me that feels that. I’ve just been working with Otto Tausk in Vancouver, and we spent many a night talking about our love for WASO.

About the Artists

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